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Global Network: 350 Service Points

Seacargo partner for 24plus

  • Seacargo
  • Distribution logistics worldwide
  • Procurement logistics worldwide
  • Customs clearance

24plus is the first Europe-wide LCL co-operation to welcome a sea freight provider, ECU WORLDWIDE, into the network of partners. This makes it possible for all 24plus partners to participate in sea freight transactions and to distribute and procure LCL goods all over the world.

ECU WORLDWIDE is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and thus not a shipping company with their own ships, but an independent transport service provider who co-operates with proven and efficient shipping companies. ECU WORLDWIDE concentrates on LCL business. Main handling station for 24plus LCL are ECU WORLDWIDE’s dedicated container packing stations at Hamburg port and Bremen port. Consignments from the 24plus network arrive there every day, are loaded into containers and processed for shipping.

ECU WORLDWIDE is completely integrated with 24plus data network which allows tracking and tracing and worldwide procurement of LCL consignments. The associated 24plus partner ECU WORLDWIDE (Germany) GmbH is a subsidiary of the globally active ECU WORLDWIDE Group. The group operates from more than 350 service points all over the world and is one of the leading NVOCCs. ECU WORLDWIDE complements the core package of sea freight services with numerous other convincing services.


Hammerbrookstraße 47B,
20097 Hamburg

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